Born in Jakarta on September 30, 1975. He was introduced to music since he was 4 years old. Growing up in music environment, brought him into the music industry from a young age. He joined Funk Section when he was still in high school. People began to know his distinctive voice through the songs “Pantai Cinta” and “Terpesona”. After Funk Section, Glenn Fredly decided to become solo singer with R&B soul genre, At that time the song “Kau” and “Cukup Sudah” stole the attention of Indonesian music lovers. One memorable moment is when he launched “Selamat Pagi Dunia“ album which produce many hits, like “Januari” and “Sekali ini Saja” which still ever lasted till now.

He began entering film industry to fill the soundtrack of “Cinta Silver (2005)” and “Filosofi Kopi (2015)” and produced several Indonesian films like “Cahaya dari Timur”, “Surat dari Praha” and “Tanda Tanya”. Glenn Fredly was very concern about environment and the preservation of Indonesian art and culture. Many collaborations with best Indonesian musicians are carried out to convey messages for humanity and the nation. The song “Kita untuk Mereka” was created for tsunami victims in Aceh, involvement in the “Soul for Indonesian Earth” concert is a form of appreciation for earth, and a concert titled “Cinta Beta (2012)” was an action for the preservation of art and culture for East Indonesia.

With strong believes in the future of Indonesian music, He founded Musikbagus label, which has produced young Indonesian talents such as Yura Yunita, Gilbert Pohan, Tiara Degrasia, and several other young talents. He also joined the music group Trio Lestari since 2011 along with Sandy Sandhoro and Tompi.

  • AMI Award For Best Urban Production Work – Kasih Putih (2001)
  • AMI Award For RnB Male Solo – Kasih Putih (2001)
  • AMI Award For Pop Song – Dibalas Dengan Dusta (2004)
  • AMI Award For Best Pop Male Solo Artist (2005)
  • AMI Award For Best Mix Engineer – When I Fall In Love (2006)
  • AMI Award For Best Foreign Language Song – When I Fall In Love (2006)
  • AMI Award For Jazz Production Works – Tega (2006)
  • AMI Award For Urban Pop Male/Female Artist (2013)
  • Maia Award For Best Theme Song – Lights From The East: I Am Maluku and Tinggikan (2014)


Album Pertama
Album Kembali
Album Selamat Pagi Dunia
Album Selamat Pagi Dunia Repackage
Album OST Cinta Silver
Album Aku dan Wanita
Album Terang
Album Happy Sunday
Album Private Collection
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Album Luka, Cinta & Merdeka
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