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Glenn Fredly Foundation (Ruma Beta) is a non-profit organization established in 2018 based in Jakarta, Indonesia and focuses on education and care about social issues, economic empowerment and environmental issues.

Glenn Fredly Foundation bases its operations on a model of social change that mutually reinforcing and flexibly with a clear mission of improving welfare through education and self-development.

The foundation will move flexibly following social conditions that arise, our program will have an appropriate impact on existing social issues and at the same time improve the education values. Glenn Fredly Foundation believes in the power of education to improve welfare in the long run.

Some of the funds coming from our partners and from MSR (Musician Social Responsibility) program.

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Collaboration with Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia

Jaga Indonesia is a social campaign from musicians to invite young people together to take care of Indonesia through the simplest things they have. Issues raised from this campaign are social issues that exist in the location where the campaign was held. Musicians are expected to inspire young people in Indonesia to become more confident in protecting Indonesia with their own personal uniqueness.


Konferensi Musik Indonesia

KAMI is a cross-sector conference that discusses about culture in Indonesia especially regarding music. In this conference, KAMI inviting artist, government and community to discuss the conditions of the “profession” of music stakeholders in Indonesia.



After successfully held tribute concerts for legendary Indonesian musicians such as Slank, Ruth Sahanaya, Yovie Widianto to Koes Plus as appreciation of their work, values and contribution to Indonesian music culture, Tanda Mata is transforming its focus on education to create bigger impact.

Tanda Mata Institute is an educational institution that organizes academic and vocational education that departs from professional culture in Pop music which is then applied in the disciplines of science, technology, and art by prioritizing appreciation and sustainable development in the future of the Indonesian music ecosystem. Technology development that prioritizes research and development, and training practices will be important aspects in creating healthy growth space for the needs of generations and the challenges of the rapidly changing times.


Glenn Fredly Foundation (Ruma Beta)

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